I am the Phoenix

I am the phoenix

Rising above the ashes of my past

Stretching far away from the hurt and pain

The trials and errors of what’s been done.

I am the phoenix

Reborn in spite of abuse and neglect

To find new meaning, new purpose, new life.

I am the phoenix

Refusing to relive the misery

Of being condemned and forced into silence

Putting on a façade that “all is well”.

I am the phoenix

Reaching and yearning for stability

To grasp and hold onto a thread of hope.

I am the phoenix

Relishing in the discovery that

I can create, can choose, can mold

My life’s destiny for which I was meant.

I am the phoenix

Recognizing my life’s worth and intent

To serve and love without hesitation.

I am the phoenix

Realizing that nothing is permanent,

That we are all on a continuum

Of life, of struggles, of growth, of pain.

I am the phoenix

Resolving to stand for myself and others,

Vowing to advocate for small voices.

I am the phoenix.

I am beautiful,

I am powerful.

I am strong,

I am wise.

I am mythical,

I am logical.

I cry.

I heal.

I rise.


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